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Don't Reinvent The Wheel

The ecm4u does not see itself as a classic consulting service provider with a pure project focus. Therefore, individual employees are not left to other companies. A special feature is our focus on reusable solutions in connection with Alfresco and its participating systems. Instead of repeatedly implementing similar requirements and patterns from scratch, the numerous projects have resulted in Alfresco modules in product quality, including support and continuous further development. With these it is possible to implement requirements much faster and more flexibly than in classic project implementation, but also to keep demanding systems always up to date with the latest developments without having to migrate thousands of lines of code with each upgrade.We reduce the scope of individual programming to a necessary level and partially map requirements through configuration within our modules.


The requirements of our customers in projects have resulted in numerous extensions for the Alfresco platform, which are continuously developed and supported by ecm4u and contribute to the fact that requirements can be implemented and operated quickly and without complicated development.

In the course of time, in addition to Alfresco, new systems were added that we integrated and operated in order to map the desired processes and requirements of our customers and to offer complete solutions.

However, with the integration and operation of additional systems such as CRM, project management or identity management system, the complexity of operation and integration also increases. We try to reduce this complexity in operation through consistent virtualization and the use of container technologies so that time and money are not lost significantly for installation and integration.

Process Integration

Especially when using different applications, integration plays a decisive role in how effectively a team can work with the systems and, above all, how you can support users in their processes. Over the years, we have developed different concepts and solutions to interconnect the systems in such a way that data is always visible where it is needed and that users no longer have to transfer it from one system to the other.