Our Mission


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Reuse instead of one-way development

It has been shown that many use cases in most companies follow similar or identical patterns, even if they differ in detail. It therefore makes little sense to keep reinventing technical aids, such as automatic filing as part of an IT project. We therefore have smart, configurable modules for everyday tasks that are constantly being developed and for which our customers and partners receive regular updates.

Less individual development, more modular software products

ecm4u does not see itself as a classic consulting service provider with the business model of billing as many person-days as possible. Our employees are not left to other companies, but always work as a team in order to implement a good solution consisting of standard components and the necessary development as efficiently as possible. A special feature is our focus on reusable solutions. Our modular product components were created in projects based on customer requirements. Instead of laboriously reprogramming requirements in a similar form over and over again, we have implemented them as generally applicable as possible and in configurable components. With these it is possible to implement requirements much faster and more flexibly than in classic project implementation, but also to keep demanding systems up to date with the latest developments without having to migrate thousands of lines of code with each upgrade. We reduce the scope of individual programming to a necessary level. If possible, requirements should be mapped through configuration within our modules instead of being inflexibly programmed.

The advantages are

  • short project times
  • quick adjustments when requirements change
  • Low costs for updates and upgrades thanks to product support and maintenance on the ecm4u products

Reference systems

In the course of time, in addition to Alfresco, new systems were added that we integrated and operated in order to map the desired processes and requirements of our customers and to offer complete solutions.

However, with the integration and operation of additional systems such as CRM, project management or identity management system, the complexity of operation and integration also increases. We try to reduce this complexity in operation through consistent virtualization and the use of container technologies so that time and money are not lost significantly for installation and integration.