Benefit from our great experience with Alfresco. We will be glad to assist you when it comes to evaluating, planning, implementing or integrating this open source enterprise content management system.

Operational Support

We take care of it! Do you want to use Alfresco as ECM system? No problem – we will support you with our standardized modules in the operation of Alfresco and in the development of solutions for your needs.


You are looking for an additional feature for Alfresco but you cannot find it? Please contact us – we will be glad to show you how our modules help to realize new solutions efficiently.


Standardized Components

...instead of complex development projects. There is no need to reinvent the wheel when implementing Alfresco. For a variety of common business tasks, ecm4u has developed a set of solutions that can be customized with the help of configurable standard modules. You will be surprised at how much can be achieved by a configuration of our modules.

ecm Market

The Marketplace for Alfresco-solutions.

The search for reliable, Alfresco-based solutions has never been easier! ecm Market is a B2B-Plattform for free and commercial solutions, both for Alfresco Enterprise and Alfresco Community.

ecm Market offers you:

  • Alfresco-solutions designed for business use.
  • Free solutions that can be installed right away.
  • Commercial solutions that include support on principle.
  • A secure purchase processing with money-back-guarantee!