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Especially when implementing systems for process support, there are always new requirements for which there are no pragmatic standard solutions. As a result, many developers quickly tend to individual programming, even if very similar patterns have to be reprogrammed over and over again and maintained over the long term.

At ecm4u, we don't want to keep reinventing the wheel or even maintain umpteen variants of project code for similar requirements that can hardly be further developed. Therefore, with all tasks we consistently considered whether a problem could not be solved universally but still flexibly. If this was possible, we have implemented a product component that can be configured and combined as much as possible.


Alfresco is an open source ECM platform with which you can efficiently and securely manage and find all your company documents.

The Alfresco Virtual Appliance is an optimized Alfresco installation as a VM with support from ecm4u, so that your company can take care of the actual tasks.

Extend the benefits of your Alfresco ECM through our powerful and configurable modules with product support.

smart busincess context services

Concentrate on your actual tasks in your company again. Use cross-application workflows instead of copying data and documents back and forth between the applications. Our Smart Business Context Services (/what-we-do/products/smart-bcs) finally give you the tools to define processes with the necessary interfaces that transparently integrate the data and documents of your leading application. Of course, the smart-bcs components are already integrated in Alfresco and our reference systems! [mehr ...]