Experts love to discuss and write about standards, technologies and functions. But they tend to forget that IT, including Enterprise Content Management, is not an end in itself, but should support enterprises and and their employees in fulfilling their tasks in a better and more efficient way.

ECM solutions are expected to improve processes that include documents or corporate knowledge comprehensively. In the past, organisations had accomplished that almost exclusively with paper and a copier. But in the digital age, these concepts reach their limitations, as information is often not available on paper or hard to edit and work with as a printout.

Electronic Working Processes and Automatic Filing

These problems are the starting point for the solutions made by ecm4u. They extend Alfresco's funtionality by introducing working processes and an automatic filing system.

As these working processes vary from company to company, our solutions consistently use ecm4u modules. These modules are adaptable through configuration or scripts and therefore able to provide functions without complex and time consuming programming.

Supplier Fileplan

The all-in-one solution for the filing of supply documents: for an efficient filing of all relevant financial documents, such as invoices, delivery notes, messages, emails, or faxes. These documents can now be grouped in so called „working processes“ that package all relevant files of a certain process in virtual directories. This not only helps to keep an overview and facilitate team-work. It also allows team-members to get exactly the amount of information and the specific documents that they need in order to fulfil their task.


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