Our Services


We have gained considerable experience in methods to improve enterprise and document management processes with the help of enterprise content management systems. And we know Alfresco from the very beginning. We will be glad to support you in how to evaluate, implement or integrate Alfresco in your enterprise and consult you on scaling issues.

Operational Support

We take care of it!

You want to use Alfresco and maybe one of our solutions? Our team is looking forward to support you. We help you to avoid common traps in installing and operating Alfresco by providing a preconfigured virtual system based on the Alfresco Community Edition. You will be ready to start in no time – regardless of whether your system is stored on a server in your data centre or placed at an external host.

On Premise Hosting

Keep your data - and the control.

We can install our virtual appliance directly at your place and connect it to your infrastructure within a few hours. We can offer remote support at fixed prices or with a fixed contingent of service hours, supervise, configure and update your system, and help you solve problems whenever they occur.

Managed Hosting

The clever solution for collaboration and for project oriented coworking in the enterprise cloud.

You want to use Alfresco fast and within a short period of time, without having to deal with technical infrastructure, Internet bandwidth or availability? We can offer you an installation of our standard system at a suitable hoster and take care of the management of your system.

Implementation of Modules

You are looking for a solution to a problem that is not addressed by us or our partners? Please contact us! You will be amazed what we can achieved through a configuration of our standard modules. But it's not only the flexibility: the application of our modules saves money as compared to project costs and you will always benefit from future development and upgrades once you have installed them. If you wish for additional functions that cannot be realized with our modules yet, we will be glad to generate a qualified offer for a new standard module.


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