Reuse instead of One Way Development

Many use cases in enterprises follow similar patterns even if they differ in detail. Therefore it does not make sense to reinvent technical helpers, such as the automatic filing mechanism for documents, in every new project again and again. We have developed clever, configurable modules which make your daily work with Alfresco easier and more comfortable. These modules are continuously improved and our partners and customers obtain updates on a regular basis.

Examples for ecm4u Modules:

ecm4u Email for Share

Do you want to store important emails in one central place? Is your email server filled to the brim? Do you need substantial search options for a large inventory of emails? Alfresco in connection with ecm4u Email for Share provides an efficient email management.

With the integrated previewer you can view content, recipient and atttachments of an email at a glance, without having to open your native email client. The search function enables you to search emails and attachements or look for recipients and senders of messages.

ecm4u Policy Scripting

ecm4u Policy Scripting allows to link scripts to certain important lifecycle events, such as the creation or deletion of documents (spaces), the (un-)assignment of aspects or the change of properties. The executable logic can be adapted on runtime. In most cases, an update can be done without restarting the system.


The Process-Module is our clever equivalent to your transparent envelope on your desk – however, without the need of creating copies for all participants. You can add documents to a process without moving or copying them from their spaces in Alfresco. The module recognizes the according processes and participants, and automatically grants the necessary permissions on the referenced documents. By doing so, it is easy to represent a process without passing around unnecessary copies in your company. All participants of a process will have access to the relevant documents that are important for their tasks – and they will obtain exactly and solely the specific amount of information that they need in order to work on a particular process.

ecm4u Search

One of Alfresco's advantages, especially when compared to a file-server, is its fast, secure and automatic full text search. With the help of „Lucene“, a firmly integrated open source search engine, every user is able to find documents in a Google like manner. However, it occurs quite often that users are not able to find what they are looking for. The reasons can be found in the way Lucene deals with languages, how it separates words and syllables and the way it uses so called stopwords.

Our Search Module enables an administrator to easily configure the Alfresco search and index behavior – a function that is otherwise not accessible – and improve the search for users effectively.

ecm4u Permissions

In Alfresco, users can grant different access rights to files or directories to other users and groups. If there are many directories with different rights, users can easily lose track of things. The ecm4u Permissions Module shows users a list of all effective rights and roles in a directory. In addition, it allows to export the structure of effective rights and roles in a csv-file, edit it in Excel and import it back into Alfresco.

Project managers will love this tool, as it can easily help to create directory structures including the specific rights for users and groups – without having to deal with numerous dialogue boxes.


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