Our Mission

Experience and Best Practice

Our team brings together the necessary experience and the know-how for an efficient operation of Alfresco. We are experts in:

  • common problems and potential for improvement when dealing with documents and processes in enterprises
  • the possibilities and limitations of modern open-source-frameworks
  • ways to implement complex technologies professionally
  • safe and cost-effective operation of these modern technologies

Enterprise Content Management

or ECM, is the field that we committed ourselves to wholeheartedly. For 20 years members of our team deal with the question of how to manage business processes and administer content efficiently with the help of IT.

We have seen many technologies come and go. During the last years a lot of standards have been established though and a variety of powerful solutions and technologies have entered the market – even as Open-Source.


ecm4u knows the Open-Source-Product Alfresco from the beginning and has long-standing technical competence and professional knowledge.

Alfresco is a powerful, modern and particularly flexible enterprise content management system. Its greatest strength are in the area of document management, adaptability and integration. Alfresco is Open-Source and therefore cost-free and modifiable. So it is no surprise that this system gains more and more popularity among developers, system integrators and in enterprises.

Alfresco gives its users the freedom to enhance and adapt the software according to their individual needs and ideas. This is certainly an advantage of this product - but it also carries a danger:
IT projects tend to reinvent solutions with great effort over and over again, and neglect the opportunities of extensions that are designed to perform together and benefit from each other. Implementation teams often have a lack of experience with these complex technologies involved – this frequently leads to frustration and bears incalculable risks. The solutions that are developed under these conditions are hard to maintain and pose an organisational and financial challenge to many companies.

We want to help avoiding this risk by offering ready made, configurable modules for common tasks that make you reach your goals a lot easier and faster.


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